Hello Lour

Hi folks! How’s your day? I’m writing this journal to record my status for someone that i just met. The name is Lour, medyo na curious ako sa kanya because of one thing. Kamukha nya yung girlfriend ko… who died 12 years ago… Yes, this sounds creepy but there’s something about her(lour) that pulls me.

 Before anything else, I would like to give our current status. 

I am married with 2 kids. I can say that we are happily living. cguro yan lang muna.

Si Lour, with 2 kids and boyfriend. shes kind, beautiful and sobrang hinhin. and like what i’ve said earlier, kamukhang kamukha nya yung girlfriend ko. hindi lang sa itsura pati sa kilos, pagsasalita at specially ung smile. pag ngumingiti at naniningkit din ung mata, it blows me up. Literally blows me.

I know my self. alam kong till now, I still live with my history. love ko kasi yun(si girlfriend). sobra. madalas xa na nasa dream ko even now. siguro, this journal we’re meant also to her. 

Okay, I need to set rules na ifofollow to give limitations;

  1. I wont give exact name or details na magcocompromise sakin and kay Lour.
  2. I will tell stories depending on my mood and availability. Busy rin akong person. sobrang busy ko. also, highlights lang ang ileletter ko. I will not go into details, di ako writer.
  3. This journal will be open to the public. feel free to comment and react.
  4. I will not disclose this to someone that I know. In event na may makabasa at magtanong sakin. I will strongly denies. 
  5. Si Lour lang ang makakabasa nito and nothing else. but siguro ipapabasa ko sa kanya pag mag separate na kami for good or pag may other event na ngyari.

Hope na ifollow nyo. Salamat :).

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