Killing some time.. :)

Just waiting for my time out here in the office, well I can say that I’m a lucky gal because my new job is very light. I’m getting along with my office mates now, little by little. I’m thinking of trying something new, what could it be? I really wanted to go for a hike but I got an injured knee from dancing. So my doctor advice me to stay away from strenuous activities. I’m thinking of random things now.. I just hope that everything will get better as the day goes by. I’m really not feeling well today but I just wanted to go to work since there’s a bonus for those who have less sick leaves. I don’t know, maybe i’m 100% in my career right now. But what can I do? That’s the only thing I have. I really wanted to go out of the country or go somewhere to know where I really belong and to be able to pay for my expenses. 

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