My first entry?

ummm, I really don’t know where to start. I think I will start with my name. You know what, scratch that. I am going to start over. (this is what I do, I write something down, but if i change my mind, i just continue and say, scratch that)

Hello! You will know me as GirlySparklez101, or sparky, my nickname. I will call you as a name, so as to imply that I am writing to someone. Wait… what should I name you? you know what, I will leave this up to you guys. oh, and this friday is my birthday, so I hope I have fun. kinda wanna get outta da house, if you know what i mean. 🙂

okay, so I thought about today, and My life is horrible. I mean this girl in my art class, she has been threatening to murder me lately, and a few days ago she tried. she has this metal bookmark that is very sharp, and she ran up to me with it and tried to stab me. I ran to my friend , lets call her ally …i dont want to reveal true identities, sorry guys! :-/… and told her all about it. she said if anybody tries to f*** with me again she is gonna slap the s*** out of them and make them be sorry. I kinda felt better. but… the next day, the same girl comes up behind me, puts her arm around my neck, and shove a SHARPIE up my NOSE! I swear she is a crazy psychopath who has no way of logical communication. I mean, at least tell the kid your mad if you are, so they will know what’s going on at least. well, told a police officer. she didn’t do anything but make things worse for me. she gets to not have to put up with me anymore,(hey! isnt that a reward?! “_” ) And I get a WHOLE NEW SCHEDULE! wttf this is driving me crazy. Well, what a life. that is all I can say. and then there’s the my-enemy-who-thinks-shes-my-friend-is-schizophrenic-ordeal.





Ps. hey guys leave comments please! I would like some ideas on what to name who I am talking to. I will give credit to any suggestions I like. XD

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