So…..I hate politics. 

Like really. 

I want to be involved and I want to make a change and not let the country sink into ruin and corruption and greed, but I swear to my Lord and Savior above if I have to watch one more commerical putting another person down or telling me how great you are, I will find you and shit on your engine. It’s stupid. And seriously, who spends $150 million for nothing? Give that out and help the whole country. 

I can’t run for President or for any national office really. I’ve got to many skeletons that would come out. Maybe some old naked photos might surface. Still, it might be worth it to help me piece together what the hell happened in my 20s! I think I was on drugs or something. 

On a happier note, supper tonight went over amazing! The hubby loved it. It was simple and easy and quick clean up. 

Wow, I’m boring. 

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