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So I don’t know how I’m going to get this up because my power is out. I was just starting to type the beginning of my journal and I hear a loud boom. I kind of just swept it off of nothing because down here people shoot guns a lot so I figured it was just a gun. I soon looked back at my laptop and the brightness had gone dim. I have my laptop set for certain brightness’s. When I have my laptop plugged in it goes to full brightness and when I don’t have it plugged in it goes to low brightness so I know that I need to plug it in. So I quickly knew something was wrong. I just heard my dad say it is going to be a few hours before we get power back on so I don’t really know how I’m going to get this up. We have had tornado warning all day long and strong winds so that is the cause of all of this. The wind blew out one of the boxes so now nobody around me has power. I don’t know ow much area was affected. If I don’t get my power back then I will set my time published back so it will be shown as current day. 

Wow, so I went to church tonight and my co-pastor bought a systematic theology book for me. This is quite an expensive book and I had literally no idea that he and his wife would do this for me. I’m probably the only if not one of the very few that want something with missionary. I’m seriously the only kid who actually dives deep into biblical doctrine and this book is amazing. It’s over a thousand pages long and filled with so many topic that I absolutely love. I’m literally in disbelief. I know I had plenty of time to write a long journal but the book is the only thing I have my mind on right now and I can’t really think of something else.

I will keep y’all updated as I journey through life.

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  1. Awesome gift. I assume they gave it to you because they trust you enough to put it to good use.

    My power has been flickering out this evening due to wind as well.

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