Day Three And I’m Still At It

I will not cave. I will not relent. I will not bow down. My will is stronger than many other forces on this Earth. It’s time for me to channel it and prove to myself that I have what it takes.

Today was day three in my new routine. I woke up sore and stiff from yesterday’s work. I dealt with the pain by enjoying a hot cup of good coffee, a steamy shower, and 2 Aleve. I eased my way slowly into my work out. Yoga was a perfect start. Next I did some steps. I have terrible rhythm, but steps are my favorite part of the routine. Jogging followed next, then alternating lunges. It’s a little breezy outside and the air is crisp and slightly cold. The Man and I went for a short walk. When we got back home I did two dance routines. Total work out time is probably around 45 minutes to an hour. I’m debating adding on 15 – 20 minutes before dinner.

My legs really ache. I’m positive if I continue and work through the pain that I will grow accustomed to it. Fluid movement will happen once more. We have too much junk food in this house. Next time I go grocery shopping I need to skip the snack section and hang out with the fruits and veggies. 

I wish I had my bike still. I love cycling. It’s low impact on my knees and yet it’s a highly effective work out. I’m adding a new bike to my wish list. I deserve it after all. Not too mention on nice days I can bike to work. That’d be useful on days when I’m too busy for a longer work out.

I don’t know why people bother with treadmills. They’re expensive and you can just as easily walk around outside. Sunshine is a natural antidepressant and it’s free. I really don’t see a point in wasting my hard earned money on a gym membership when I can creatively come up with a work out that’s just as effective.

This weekend I’ll be at work for most of it. Unfortunate the brunt of my weekly hours have been allotted for Saturday and Sunday. No time for hiking. When my schedule clears up I’ll have to plan a hike for The Man and me. He’s been getting the hiking bug too. Can I just say one more time how awesome it is that my partner and I have so many things we are both interested in.

One thought on “Day Three And I’m Still At It”

  1. You and I have the same idea about treadmills. I love being outside, and I generally make one of my children go on a walk with me. Its not only healthy, it gives us a chance to catch up one on one. I have Lymes disease, and my titers went sky high a couple of months ago causing me to have pneumonia twice in 10 weeks, so I’ve been walking a lot lately trying to get my stamina and lung function back up. Plus it helps maintain (and possibly lose) the extra twenty pounds the steroids put on me 🙁
    Keep up the good work!! I’m sure it gets easier.

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