So as of late I have been binge-watching the fifth and sixth seasons of Doctor Who. I mean, watching three episodes of any show in one day and staying up until one in the morning every day seems kind of obsessive (and very unhealthy), but I don’t really care now.

I’d never watched Doctor Who until a few days ago, when I was channel-surfing late at night and stumbled upon Matt Smith and Karen Gillan traveling back in time to meet the actor playing Vincent Van Gogh. The special effects were so cheesy! But I was completely fascinated because I’d heard all about Doctor Who on the internet, and I thought I’d try it out.

And then I started watching it because I loved it–I loved the time travel, the paradoxes, the weird people, the British accents, the TARDIS, and Amy and Rory, and the Doctor and his love for bow ties (which are cool). I don’t know. Everything about the show just draws me in, even though I am a big scaredy-cat and I was scared of that episode with the creepy dolls in the dollhouse. And the episode with the flesh. And the episode with the hotel of different scary rooms. (Okay fine–I get scared at basically everything.)

I’m not an “official” Whovian yet (whatever official means here), but it’s so nice to actually watch a show that I like. I’m quite picky about TV shows, because it gets annoying to watch love triangles and stuff like that all the time. Also, I don’t really think I’m going to watch any of the other seasons/episodes, because I love Matt Smith’s portrayal as the Eleventh Doctor so much, but it’s nice for now anyway.

It seems kind of sad, doesn’t it, that I like a show this much. Harry Potter (and my ship) is something I’ll never grow out of, and now I like Doctor Who, too. I also like Dan and Phil (not necessarily as a ship, I just love them), though I don’t read any of their fanfiction (it seems creepy to me to write fanfiction about people who actually exist.) It’ll be kind of annoying to be in another fandom if I get really into it. Sometimes, I think I’m kind of pathetic to be spending so much time on shows and books and fandoms.

If you think about it, fandoms can be great fun and also very frightening. When you’re in a fandom, you feel like you’re in a giant family, and all of its members set their lives around this one thing (a singer, a band, a show, a book series) and you talk to each other and make friends with them and fall in love with the whole mini-universe you create with each other. But then, fandoms are also kind of scary, because some fans are so unpleasant and possessive and mean, and you don’t want to take part in what they say or do because they can be so biased and vicious, and you don’t even want to be associated with any part of the fandom because it seems like people will judge you and think of you as this crazy, unstable fan. I don’t know. Sometimes I just don’t like the way I’m getting in so deep with fan stuff, because I’m afraid of turning into another “crazy fangirl”, even though I know “crazy fangirl” is a rather unfair label¬†that people automatically stick on girls who like anything, not just bands or books, and most fans aren’t like that at all.

Just wanted to get some of that off my chest. Anyway, I hope you guys have a great Thursday, and get ready for fun on Friday.

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  1. I saw your comment on my first entry and you’re right! I’m so glad you are getting into Doctor Who. Although I haven’t seen it in a while, I love it, especially David Tennant (before Matt Smith). I also enjoy Danisnotonfire and Amazingphil, Harry Potter only recently, watching Half Blood Prince soon. I reccomend you watch BBC Sherlock, it’s made by the same director of Doctor Who. And I agree on your view of fandoms, but luckily I didn’t come across any vicious fans yet, surprisingly. Also looking forward to your thoughts.

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