i am ancient

it seems strange to me how naturally i’ve become part of the ebb and flow of the ecosystem here after so little time. only 6 months here and i have become part of the landscape. it seems like a long time but it’s less than half the time i was at my old school. 

i walked through the quad in the 7.30 sunlight with dewdrops sneaking into my shoes and i was thinking isn’t it strange how regular this has become, this place is no longer strange it’s permanent.

other people are newer than me now.

i’m older than the people around me right this second! year sevens who arrived way too early all confused and skinny and  socially awkward – i’m older. i feel ancient right now and in deep connectedness with the earth, with nature, at peace with the understanding that my life is nothing and so, so short in terms of the universe. and yet i feel so old at fifteen like i just have this instinctual drive, purpose, knowledge that goes back hundreds of years. 

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