I hate you so

Three years. Down the drain. I took you in our lives, you had nothing, you were a mess. I cared and loved for you more than any woman would have. I provided food, and clothes for you. I lead you to finding jobs, and a better life. I set a stable structured family life for you. And what did I get in return? I got shit on.

You accused me of nagging so much, when you violated my trust from day one, when you exchanged dirty pictures with that stripper back at home. You drank so much that when you were drunk you were mean. You did not pay attention to me, I had to beg and try to get your attention. I kept telling and questioning that I did not feel loved by you. DID you love me the same way I did? My actions was a cry for change, for better, for you to hear my heart. You ran away to bad things every time. You storm to bars, to women, porn, and shut down on me. You lied to me, and talked to women behind my back. I was devastated to find profiles of you stating you were single. You had so many excuses and it all turn to me as if it was my fault. I started to feel as if it really was me. You paid for sites for their attention, when you had free love in front of you. Who are you? Why did I take so much pain from you when I gave you my all? No woman should feel this pain or go through it. Your selfishness destroyed me. I am lost now but I will be happy and found again.  I caught you and my intrusion was right the whole time that you were talking to her, and having sex with her.. I JUST KNEW. I trusted myself more than I trusted you. You got mad because I investigated and busted you every time. You knew you were wrong, yet you want to tell me that it’s my fault that I dig and push you too much. Its all bullshit. You pushed yourself in this mess. As soon we break up, you wasted no time to find another relationship. That told me that you never did love me the way I wanted you to. I gave you my all, and what did you give me back? Nothing but pain. I brought you into the world you are right now, the deaf community, my world, and now you won’t leave us be but create more pain for me with your wild selfish self.  I am so angry but I will not scoop down to your level of selfishness. I hope karma bites you back even harder someday.  

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