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I am blessed with a loving, close family.  My daughter teaches special needs Middle school and has her Master’s degree and is raising her two special needs boys.  I think the boys have brought us all closer together.  It is true that they are a gift from God.  My mother is 92 and still capable in every way.  We have dinner at her home every Friday.  We work hard to keep the family close.  My sister is a music teacher with a master’s in piano performance.  Wow—-you should hear her play the piano!  I am so proud of her.  I play the piano some; my hands are smaller and octaves put a strain on those little muscles in the fingers.  But I enjoy playing.  My brother-in-law is a wonderful person, a retired minister. My husband is the dearest man in all the world.  And we have a golden retriever who is a sweetheart.  All sound too good to be true?  Well, I’m just telling you the highlights.  We have cloudy days, too, sometimes.  More in the past. I want to help you think about the highlights in your life, too! 

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  1. I was blessed to be raised by two wonderful grandparents. I lost my grampa in 2007. He was my hero, but I’m thankful to still have my gramma even though I live four hours away and am not able to see her as often as I used to.
    I have four children, two of whom I’m still raising. The other two are out on their own and doing well, but again, I’m four hours away and not able to see them like I’d like.
    We are still trying to mend relationships due to my own mother causing problems.
    My relationship with my mother has become non existent. We haven’t spoken in almost a year. She has issues that often cause problems with other family members, but when her hateful heart bled over into mine and my childrens relationship, I had to sever ties.
    This lead to broken relationships with a couple of my close brothers as well. I have five little brothers, and I believe they will come around.

    They know our mother has mental issues.

    However, despite all of this, I’m blessed with a household of two wonderful children, a loving and attentive, supportive man, 3 parrots, a couple of dogs and a couple of cats lol
    My house is full of love, and rarely does the outside world make any waves concerning that.
    You are right to be thankful for your highlights!
    I too, am thankful for the small highlights of my life!

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