One of Those Days

There are days when you’re happy, there are days when you’re sad and there are days when you’re kinda in between the both. By being in between I mean that you’re sad for no reason at all. You feel as if you’re a one crazy chic for feeling such way but it’s entirely normal. A lot of people in this world feels the same way at times. That feeling as if sadness has overtaken you, yet you have no idea why this is happening.

Feelings, Insights and Just Whatever

Ever since as a young child, I had never shared my true feelings to anyone. I have always left out details, important details as they were either too private to share or difficult to explain. I feel like if I let someone in too much, I would destroy the walls I have built around my heart since the day I started remembering the things that have hurt me or caused me pain. It would be unfair for me. But it is also unfair, if someday someone that I can share all the feelings I have come along yet I can’t share a word or two of how I really feel. Until this day, (I’m almost 20 btw), I have shared nothing but words that would make other people feel good about themselves or cause them to think that I am such a nice person, in the hope that they would never leave me.

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