True Love?

Ok so I’m like totally in love but also totally confused at the same time. So yesterday I made up my mind and decided to tell the guy I had a crush on that I liked him, and at first I was heartbroken from his response. He had walked away from me only saying Ummmm ok. I was like seriously so I went up to him and I was like dude why did you just walk away, like you can’t just do that after I opened up about my emotions towards you. And he was all like the reason I did that was because I like you too, and I was all like OMG can it be or was I just dreaming. Well whatever it was it was real. The only problem was that he’s going out with this girl, and everyone including me knows he doesn’t like her and that he’s only going out with her because he doesn’t want to hurt her and I know I know I’m also wondering if he’s doing the same to me or if he actually does like me. I’m so confused I need help. He said he would break up with her but he also doesn’t want to do it to soon because he doesn’t want to break her heart, I was okay with that because I also didn’t want to be cruel because I know how it feels to be heartbroken and it hurts like hell. But………. the more times he’s with her the more heartbroken I am and the more confused I am. I just need someone to help me understand, someone who can give me advice. I don’t know, can it be………….. True love?

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