5 years ago..

My classmate way back in elementary shared a video.. it was on our choral singing at school taken 5 years ago.. As i watch it i can’t help but laugh..that video brings back all of the memories.. I realized how much I missed them and all of the memories we shared together.. i also realized how much have changed in each one of us.. but when we talk or chat we still feel the same.. like we were still those little kids 5 years ago.. I wish I could relive those moments.. it feels so nostalgic all of the sudden.. we parted ways after our graduation in elementary.. some remained in that school but most of us transferred in different schools.. I haven’t seen most of them for like 3 or 4 years.. but we were  still friends.. we will always be..we have a special bond.. something strong and unbreakable.. I will treasure all of those memories forever.. I can say that they were the best of friends that I had.. except for my family.. they’re the only ones who can call me by my nickname..

earlier I feel tired and sleepy but now i feel like I have all the energy.. and It’s gonna be a problem coz I need to be early tomorrow so I have to sleep early.. and I don’t think I can.. 

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