Day 1 – Here We Go

Writing doesn’t help, typing doesn’t either. I’ll skip a day once, then I’ll skip two, then I’ll skip an entire week, month, year… Maybe sharing? I don’t know. I want to write things down, I feel like it helps me analyse myself and/or situations better. I want to write daily, even if it’s mundane. It’ll improve my vernacular and I just like writing. Motivation is the only thing that I’m lacking. I see one thing that stops me from writing in a journal is I try to focus too much on myself and not the things and people around me. It’ll perhaps make it a little bit more interesting.

I like to be observant, I like to deduce things. I’m just a little Sherlock, aren’t I? Character association might happen often in my entries. I’m what you would call a “fangirl”. Quite like being one, except it’s almost like a drug. It feels great, but if you don’t have anything to obsess about, you become empty, your thoughts (daydreaming and creative story-making in my case) does not seem to go anywhere, as if I was having a writer’s block. Perhaps being observant of my surroundings and writing them down when I don’t have anything to think about will keep me occupied.

Oh and I’m not a writer. It’s my hobby. I am passionate about art, but I’m heading more towards animation (2D and 3D) . Psychology is a plan B, if I like the class next year.

Let’s set a goal : At least one entry per day. If I don’t have access to internet, write them down and post later on one day + the entry for that day.

Here we go, then…

4 thoughts on “Day 1 – Here We Go”

  1. I could say that i’m kind of like you in a sense. I am very observant. When i’m not talking i’m listening. People never know what i know because they wouldn’t expect me to be able to hear them. But i listen to everything. Not in a creepy stalker way but just in a interested way.

  2. It’s so strange that we sound so alike. I’m also a fangirl, and writing is a major hobby; and I think up all these stories, but somehow, when I really have to put my pen to paper, or post a journal entry, my mind goes blank. Looking forward to reading more of your thoughts.

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