I’m actually planning on blogging about an idea for a specific topic today, but before I dive into that subject matter I’d like to share an overview of my day so far.

Yesterday Snoochie picked me some wild flowers that have already started to bloom in our back yard. Delicate white flowers with little green dashes at the tips of the petals and purple star shaped flowers now sit on my bed side table. The aroma is intoxicating and reminds me of a floral perfume. I’m not the only one in the house enjoying the sweet bouquet. Jake, our kitten, keeps leaning in to inhale the fragrance. 

This morning I awoke to the sound of hysterical screaming and crying. Still half asleep, my heart pounded in my chest and a lump immediately swelled in my throat. Did one of the cats die? I quickly opened my bedroom door and realized the screaming was coming from my overly dramatic Snoochie. She stole one of Bobo’s sneakers and was cruelly playing keep-a-way. Aggravated, Bobo shoved his little sister on to the floor and took back his shoe. The Man stepped in and separated them. Really not a great way to wake up.

Today’s work out went fantastic! I jogged at a steady pace for 20 minutes. I read a few articles about how to effectively exercise and they mentioned using short, intense bursts of energy into a steady paced workout. This is supposed to help speed up your metabolism. So at every 5 minute interval I ran like a bat out of hell for 45 seconds. After my jog, I did some basic steps. My rhythm is improving. At some point I’d like to make up a step routine of my own. I did some strength training (alternating lunges and turbo twists). Today I ended my routine with yoga instead of starting with it.

I must admit I am still a little sore, but not nearly as bad as I felt yesterday. Once I started moving around, my legs and aching thighs gave no indication of the strenuous torture I’ve been putting them through these past few days. I have a hunch that tomorrow these aches and pains will be even less of a nuisance to me than they were today. I don’t have to work until 4pm tomorrow so I’ll be able to work out in the morning.

A few nights ago Deedee sat by my side while I was blogging. She was very curious about all the different things I like to write about and read. She confessed to having a blog of her own that remains entry-less because she never knows what to write about. We discussed all the different choices for a topic she could use: her day, her dreams, her opinions, random stories, you can literally pull a topic out of a hat I explained.

So I too, have decided to write my thoughts on a seemingly random topic. In fact I picked one topic so big that I can divide it into 7 different blogs. The Seven Deadly Sins. I think I’m going to tackle vanity first. That’s what my next entry will be all about.

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