Foul language

 I have a dirty mouth apparently. Well I knew that but I don’t pay attention to it. I just speak and it falls out. I visited my Gramma tonight. I try to see her at least once a week. My Gramma said she “hates hearing such a pretty girl use such langauage” (pfft to the pretty girl comment) and then 5 minutes later she used the word “bitch” and the phrase “for Christ’s sakes!” I just winked at her. She buried her head in her hands giggling. She knew. I love her so much.


A few months ago at a family get together I was told by my Aunt that cussing makes you sound uneducated. What is this old school train of thought? I’m sorry but “gosh darn it” or “fudge” doest quite cut it for me. I love her anyways, the rest of the family has the trucker sailor mouth malady much to her chagrin. 

I just wasted half a page on cussing and have a hand cramp now. 

Naw, I talked about Gramma. That’s never a waste.

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