(On a side note I have to work all night so this journal entry is a bit on the early side. I know it looks like this is the second blog of the day, but it’s not since this website’s time is not in correlation with the time zone I live in).

Gluttony is another one of the 7 deadly sins. It signifies over indulgence, lack of self righteousness and is often symbolized by a pig.

In the past gluttony played a role in my life. It’s not that I always over eat… it’s that I’ve had past addictions that separated me from reality. I over indulged to numb life and slip away from reality. It took its toll on me as I didn’t give attention to the areas in my life that needed it most. My past experience with gluttony is that during my pursuit to numb my mind I was withholding my attention to the areas of my life that needed it most.

These days gluttony and over indulgence doesn’t really play a part in my life. I don’t drink nor do drugs. I really over eat. Most meals I can’t finish and end up sharing my left overs with Bobo or The Man. If necessary I can go a couple of days without eating if that means ensuring every one else does get to eat (this situation isn’t applicable now, but it was during the darker days).

So my analysis from self examination is that gluttony is not one of the seven deadly sins that I am guilty of.

I’ll be ranking them as I write. So here’s the list (1 being the sin I am most guilty of, 7 the least).

  1. Vanity
  2. Gluttony

For next blog, I’ll discuss Sloth

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