Gonna watch a movie

Gonna watch a movie

Gonna read a book

Gonna not think about

What he took


Gonna drink my drink

Gonna wash my hands

Gonna eat some food

To calm my demands


Gonna not think about it

Gonna keep trying for peace of mind

Gonna pretend the thoughts are wavering

Until they take hold and bind


Gonna keep wishing

Gonna keep praying

Gonna keep waiting

To get rid of the whispers, what he’s saying


Gonna go to bed

Gonna lie there for a time

Gonna keep getting pictures

That overwhelm my mind


Gonna keep trying for sleep

Gonna keep my eyes closed

Gonna try to control the horrible

That eats away at the dreams proposed


Getting tired of waiting

Getting tired of flashes

Getting tired of thoughts

That crash and clashes


Getting tired of being tired

Getting tired of it all

Getting tired of my mind

Which is having a ball


Gonna watch a movie

But not remember a thing

All these meds

All that they bring

All the memories

All the stories

All the pain

All the sorrow I gained

It all just sits there, up in front

My mind weighed down, stuck with a shunt

Can’t watch this movie

Can’t listen and see

Can’t do a god damn thing


My mind is not me.


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