The world has gone chaotic
even trivialities make you tick
Everyone always has something to say
they’re willing to argue over it everyday

Even silent screams have been too loud for me
there’s no way to completely set you free
as you unwillingly watch more clashes,
anticipating more crashes

Where do we go from here?
I think I’ve been too numbed by fear
that I appear an ignorant, selfish fool,
while at the same time, your arrogance is just as uncool

How many times must I tell you?
I’m not interested in doing what you do
I’m not taking any sides
I’m not even qualified to judge

Go ahead, keep bickering
You have no idea how deep you’re already in
There’s a much bigger picture out of this;
it’s a shame a lot of you have chosen to miss

I may appear a coward, retreating to silence
I need to stay sane; enough of the same, old deadly dance
Not everything is under my control, so why play God?
Just leave me alone with whatever is left from what I’ve got


(Jakarta, 27/2/2016 – 11:45 am)

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