Our fun run or should I say “fun walk” is quite fun.. I came along with my other classmates.. we base our attendance in selfies.. it’s our evidence that we were  there for the additional points.. additional if they were not in the picture they won’t have an attendance.. it’s funny.. I guess we were  just too lazy to write on an attendance sheet and I think no one has a paper or anything to write in.. 

We had a short program after.. some of our classmates went home right after the program but I still don’t want to.. so I went along with my 2 other classmates and we atebreakfast somewhere.. ✌ and then we went to the mall.. we went to quantum and wof.. then went home coz we are so tired.. my legs hurt and my arms will hurt tomorrow too.. and thats for sure.. but its fun though..

I took a nap earlier in the afternoon coz i really need it.. 

I really like to chat with my friends both from the past and present.. we had a group activity that’s due tomorrow.. our leader posted on our group.. it was supposed to be serious.. but we’re all crazy so the comment reached up to more than 130 comments.. it was because of unnecessary replies.. in short trashtalks.. it was really funny.. my notifications was mostly theirs..

Lately.. I’ve been reaching out to my friends that I haven’t seen for years.. it feels nice coz I missed them..

Its a good day.. and I’m still chatting with a friend right now.. getting updates from each other..




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