First off, just learning how to work this site, I’m that type of person to contact someone directly if needed, and so far I can’t find a place to do that besides leaving comments for everyone to read and see. Oh well right?

    Now on to the good stuff, lately I’ve been feeling pretty low. My boyfriend, well fiance now. I am not feeling that I am engaged to the guy. I feel like I’m just here. Everyone of my friends keep pointing out “how do you feel that your ring is from walmart?” Well to answer that question, I really don’t care because we have a kid and I’m a stay at home mother and don’t work, and that’s all we can afford. So oh well, as long as the ring means something to the guy I don’t care. That right there is my problem. He didn’t even propose. All he did was get it and start having me wear it. With his ex all he did was get one, take her out to dinner and put the ring on the counter, didn’t even ask her, so I’m feeling pretty downgraded. You think a man would actually ask you. And when I ask him why he would want to marry me all he says is why not? We have a child together and then adds stupid shit like “you have a nice ass” I’m a girl who wants to do her own vows, but with those type of responses, I don’t think that would be a very good idea…everything is changing completely, and he won’t even listen. He listens but he has anger issues and gets this major tone like I just committed a crime..I have no idea how to talk to him and get him to understand how I feel…I’m a girl who’s into fairy tale crap and he’s not. He’s plain and boring. The last thing he has ever done for me that was romantic was run into this field and pick me some flowers that was growing, but that is it. I have no idea where that guy is…does one thing and then nothing…I have no idea what to do. 

2 thoughts on “Feelings.”

  1. Go on a trip to that field again one day… with your kid as well. Tell your kid what ‘daddy’ once did for you, and you thought it was so sweet and amazing…
    then probably later that day, you take your fiance on the side and tell him how much you miss that romantic guy who got you flowers from the field… remind him that these simple cute things do matter, and you will always appreciate what he does.
    What do I know? I believe in fairy tales like you… but I would speak my mind to my prince. I would be the girl to tell him how I want to live with him. He doesnt have to believe it… but every once in a while, I want him to at least pretend like he is prince charming.
    Men need reminders… cause lets face it, they can’t read minds, haha.
    Best of luck and I really do hope that things will change for the better one day… please be patient.

  2. Just making assumptions here, but I understand what it’s like to be the less romantic one in a relationship. Maybe he feels like it’s all cliche and false and doesn’t want to live in that world. Maybe he just doesn’t have the same passion for you. Maybe he just doesn’t express passion very well. It’s important that you don’t try to change him. Be real with him. Don’t expect him to know anything about your feelings that you don’t tell him. Find out what he wants. Be able to come to terms with who he is.

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