The Root of All Arguments


Great servant, bad master. 

I overheard my dad call mum names today and was yelling a lot… Why? Money. My dad is not a bad man, but he kinda has his priorities mixed up. He values himself more than anyone and only does what he thinks is good for him… even if it means that the whole family gets run over by a train.

My dad is not a bad man, I promise. He is just different… and I understand that. I don’t hate him, I just hate how he can transform into an asshole by making my mothers life miserable. My mother complains about him a lot, and I feel bad for her… but you see, I am always the punching bag.

Money is the root of all arguments… then in the end, I end up being everyone’s punching bag. Like I am a robot with no feelings… 
I have a lot on my mind… like trying to get a job. Why should I live with this? Leave, you say? In my culture, a girl only leaves the ‘nest’ when she is married. Leaving isn’t an option… 

Money. Its always about money… I hate money

Money provokes people… it makes them look horrible. 

Life with no money = Dad will never call mum names = Happy family.


Who am I kidding?!

All I have to do is wait for either a job to occupy most of my days, or a prince charming to take me away and live happily ever after (lol)!


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