Feelings are feelings. Some feelings have different levels but the same word is used to describe said feelings. Some feelings aren’t allowed. Or are they? They shouldn’t be allowed but if they are there, they are there. Yes, there is the stark reality of the situation. Yes, there is miles and hours between us. Is this just a matter of the wrong timing? But what if it’s a matter of the right timing but neither is willing to admit it? For now we both keep our feelings unspoken. I know they are there. I know she feels them the same as I feel them. This isn’t my first rodeo. Will it be my last? I doubt it but who knows. You know how I feel and I know how you feel. One day it is going to slip out. Naturally. Once that door opens will we walk through it or just stare at it. Maybe one of us will close the door. But it will get opened one day. For now though, it shall remain unspoken.

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