Day 3 – Watercolour

February 28th 2016

Had art class today and I like painting for once. I never liked it cause I’m awful at it, but now I found out about watercolour, something I often used as a kid without realizing. It brings back memories and now I like painting. Not that I don’t like work of other people, I just don’t enjoy doing it myself. 

We were also doing abstract and I love abstract, cause I like the idea of seeing something then have so many ideas as to what it may be and hear what other people view that is different than what you see. Kinda like life, now that I think about it. Everyone has their own perspective.

The picture in this entry are squares I cut out from random watercolour painting techniques I did on paper.

People around me in that class seem to be very skilled, except for one guy. Then again, there is no better or worse when it comes to visual art, unless it’s replicating a life form. Even then, everyone has their own style and way of creativity. That’s how I view it, anyway. Art is simply a way to enjoy yourself, so it shouldn’t matter if you’re good or not, but we’re human and we are bound to judge one way or another.


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