Why I Don’t Want To Close My Eyes Tonight…

It’s 2:30 AM right now, and I’m really sleepy. I don’t really find it easy to stay still on the bed and wait for the sand man to pay me a visit… we were never close friends. Not enemies, either… 

It’s different this time… this time I feel that if I closed my eyes and opened them again when I wake, I will have forgotten something. Trust me, i wrote everything down, and I have notes scattered all around my room. Notes include:

A) Things to do

B) Things to buy

C) Things to consider 

How will I forget if I have all these beautiful notes? It’s ironic cause all I have to do is simply forget to look at my notes… To consider: write a note on not forgetting to look at notes. 

I don’t have alzheimer’s, nor am I stressed over work/husband/kids (don’t have any, yet). So why can’t I rest my eyes for a bit and just pray I don’t forget? 

Let’s pray I don’t forget… must close eyes… must rest… I’m only human, and that’s why I’m afraid to forget. 


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