A Date With The Big Screen

     I thought about it before, and now I believe that I am more than ready to do it. I’m taking myself out to a movie… cause why not?!

     Going to the movies alone was something that has always sparked my interest, but I never did it. I’m not scared nor do I care what people think of solo movie-goers… it’s just that I would rather spend my time outside the house with my friends. 

     Yeah, my friends… who lately seem so distant. It actually feels like I have to contact them a week in advance in order to settle on a date to go out! I can’t blame them… they all have jobs, boyfriends, fiances, and some still study at universities. All the things that I lack… 

     6 months ago, I graduated with an interior design BA… but before that, I worked for 2 months as a design engineer in a very terrible company. I was treated like crap and the work environment was very unethical… so I quit! I didn’t care then cause I thought that maybe I’ll get a better job when I finally have my degree. Little did I know that this degree would be chilling on my coffee table for 6 months…  

     So why am I excited to go to the movies alone? Not because it’s a 1st experience kinda thing, but because I deserve to be good to ME. I feel abandoned and neglected lately, so why not just fly solo for sometime… yeah? 

     It’s almost 2 AM now, and it’s officially the 1st day of March… so if things went the way I planned, I’ll probably go watch Gods OF Egypt tonight. Alone? Nope… with Mr. Hot Dog and Mr. Popcorn, of course!

3 thoughts on “A Date With The Big Screen”

  1. I have not been to the movies in years I have an awkward fear of movie theaters… maybe I should try and get over this fear and go to one my self

  2. Oh I see… well you should. My advice would be to pick a time where it is slightly crowded, so you don’t feel scared or alone. Plus, pick a fun movie… nothing scary… unless you are a horror fan.

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