Day 1 (Of March? Or, Of Project “Help Adam Record an LP”)

It’s Leap Year Day (Hurray)!

I decided to publish the indiegogo project before I set up my wordpress, so I’ll use GoodNight Journal until I can transfer these posts onto…

There’s still a lot to do. I realize when you’re running a mile a minute (which, physically is impossible unless you’re superhuman), you have to stop for a breather. At least, every once in a while.

Everyone thinks I’m moving too fast, which I find funny, because, I can’t run ! I walk, and slowly, at best. It’s more like a stroll.

But to everyone else it looks like I’m going crazy. Because, I finally have the “Motivation” to be productive, and even sleep or hell can’t stop me now.


So yes, I’m working towards something I believe in, and, perhaps one of you might start believing in me, too. I’ll try to give you a reason, if not now, then eventually.


Here’s to hoping!





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