Day 4 – Boredom

Monday, February 29th 2016


Boredom is what kills me.

Boredom is one of the feelings I hate the most.

Luckily, daydreaming and writing is what saves me and prevents my boredom.

I can’t count how many times I get bored per day. I have been busy for the past few months, having to postpone meetings with friends for three weeks, even a month. My parents even allowed me to go over to a friend’s house after a school day (they also allowed me to stay home on snow days now. Probably cause my grades used to be bad).

Yet I’m bored.

Today doesn’t help either. It’s a snow day, meaning no one is at school. I attended so that I may work on my math homework and the art competition we have is due, but guess what? I left my math work at home and the art project is only due Wednesday.

At least not all the day was lost. I had good conversations with my best friend at lunch. We discussed about psychopaths, real and fake, like characters (I end up loving characters who turn into villains without even knowing they will, so I learned to appreciate them, but never real life killers of course. Those people are sick, in a bad way.) I also have a friend with me at the moment in french class, we’re alone. She’s copying my answers to questions about the book we’re reading: “Ta voix dans la nuit”. She brought the attendance to the office for me, so it’s a way to pay her back. Plus, she already has a lot on her plate with her family and all.

Speaking about others, I was laughing yet annoyed earlier when she and someone else were “arguing”, I could hardly call it that. Basically, my friend took the rolling chair she was sitting on and she got mad, so she gave her the silent treatment until she got it back. But that’s karma for ya (though I don’t believe in karma). She used to take my stuff in eight grade and not give it back until she saw I was actually very frustrated with her, so she can’t complain.

Also saw someone bike this morning, despite all the snow. They looked like they were pedaling hard, making me wonder why he’d do that. At least he’s getting a work out.

*Sigh* I wish I had more to write so I don’t have to be so bored. Even my substitute teacher was reading the emergency folders and is playing on her phone. 

I have to send my journal entries to my best friend from earlier because she enjoys my writing (Hello and thanks, by the way!). This one seems to be all over the place, but I’m just writing here to prevent from getting bored and I doubt anything interesting will happen later.


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