My name is Grace.

I’ve never really liked my name at all. When I was really little, of course, I didn’t care–I knew another Grace in first grade, so being one didn’t really bother me. But the older I got, the more annoying my monosyllabic name seemed.

My mother named me after that song. You know. Amazing Grace. She almost named my older sister Angel (thankfully, my big brother convinced her to change it), and then she named me Grace. She’s not religious; but she has told me plenty of times that she thought I, like my sister before me, was a “gift from God [or an angel]” and a “miracle,” and hearing the song Amazing Grace in 1999 made her tear up…

So she named me Grace.

It’s not a terrible name, really. I mean, it’s not as bad as Angel or Rainbow or something, and it’s a perfectly common, easily spelled, ordinary name. It’s simply the fact that Grace has one syllable in it, I have no middle name, and my last name (like most Chinese surnames) is also one syllable, which gives me a total of two syllables in my entire name. And it is virtually impossible to turn Grace into a nickname, besides, of course, Gracie. Which I don’t think I have been called since I was five or so. This makes thinking up usernames extremely difficult for me, as I have yet to find THE perfect username that I love enough to name everything with. LunnyLove (another old writer on this site, who I think I’ve mentioned before) had a dog–a Golden Retrieve–named Grace or Gracie…so…

But I suppose I shouldn’t be complaining or anything. At least people don’t have any difficulty recognizing or pronouncing my name, right?

And I was named with ~love~, because according to my mom, she spent a lot of time thinking about what to call me.

And even though my name, as a word, could not be used to describe me, because I have the elegance and grace of a walrus with no limbs (props to you if you get the Dan reference), I guess I will grow to love it, just like I grew to love my freckles.

Anyhoo, that’s all I wanted to share today. My name. Which I mean, I should probably not be sharing on the internet, but whatever. Have a good week, people, and stay cool.

But one last thing–I’m glad to hear Leo Dicaprio finally won an Oscar! He’s been nominated so many times and now he’s finally got a little gold guy of his own, so good for him! And of course, it’s time to say goodbye to that old internet/tumblr meme thing…because most of us no longer have as many Oscars as Leo!

2 thoughts on “Grace”

  1. My mother in law was named Lily Grace. I think there must be a special blessing on your life because your mom named you carefully and teared up at hearing “Amazing Grace.” Grace means much more than “graceful.” Grace is the thing God gives us instead of judgment and condemnation no matter how badly we screw up. Grace is the saving power and love of Jesus Christ. I encourage you to embrace your name; and I especially like Gracie.

  2. I love the name Grace! Actually for the exact reason mentioned in the comment above. No word of lie, if I have a daughter that’s what I’ll name her 🙂 but I get the whole syllable thing. I have a one syllable last name too and it made it really easy for coaches to shout it out as I ran. That can get old quick.

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