I am a strong, self-sufficient woman. When I come to an obstacle, I take pride in learning how to overcome it. I believe in looking for the positives and lessons from every hardship, and I almost always find it.

Last night you said that you like that about me. I like that you like that about me and it is who I am but it is only a part of me. I am learning that I am also needy. Now I need someone. I need you. I need your guidance, your approval and your love. I can’t imagine my life without you in it.

I was fine before and lived a good life but now my life is so much fuller and brighter and has unlimited possibilities with you by my side. I’m more fulfilled and happier than I have ever been. With you I am safe to expand my horizons and push my boundaries. I can’t thank you enough for that. I am learning each day new parts of myself that I never knew existed. I have never felt safe and protected before. You provide me with that. Thank you!
As my Dom, I need you to encourage and to push me to be the best I can be. I can be very lazy and often take short cuts when I shouldn’t. One of my downfalls is that even though I have good intentions my follow through is very spotty. I need physical release when life gets tough and I get overwhelmed. You have seen what happens when I don’t, I end up a crying mess and not the good crying either J I desire and need that from you. I look to you for guidance knowing that you have my best interests at heart. I have complete trust in you that you will always do your best for me. I don’t expect that you have all the answers or know what always to do but then neither do I.
As my lover, I need your honesty and openness. My favorite memories with you are of us talking. I need those heart to heart talks, silly talks and sad talks. I need you to need me, to confide in me and to trust me. I still have so much to learn about love and romance and I want to experience and learn them with you. I need to feel special to you, that you value me and love me. It is my desire that you feel and know how much I love, admire and desire you. You are the last thought in my mind when I go to sleep and the first in the morning when I wake up.

I hope that I have not scared you with my feelings but they are what they are and to be honest, they sometimes scare me. I have never needed someone so much before. This is new territory for me.

Please don’t think that I am putting you on a pedestal. It is not my intention that you feel stressed trying to be everything that I need. That would be impossible. You are human and I love and value your faults as well as your gifts. As long as your intentions are good and you try, mistakes don’t matter. What matters is that we learn and grow from them. I am sure that there will be many times that I will disappoint you and cause you pain. This is all part of growing in a relationship. We can’t grow stronger without some hardships along the way. What matters is how we handle the hard times. Then the good times will be even better.

Just one last thing. I LOVE YOU and am so happy to have you in my life. Thank you for being you. You are more than I ever could have wished for.


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