My good night journal

I sit and type and type away with what’s on my mind. But then I stop and read over what I already  have written down, Then delete it goes that’s not what I want to be written  down at this point and time, But not this time I’m going to finally let my journal be read. I am me 😛 and if no one likes what I put down in my journal well to dame bad. I ain’t perfect and I don’t judge a book by its cover. But one thing I do know is I will speak my mind and stand up for myself forever and always. I have been through a roller-coaster ride of my life and I have tested my demons and I ain’t ashamed  of who I am or where I came from or who my family is but I know that if I fall again I still have my family that will be there for me still through  thick and thin.Everyone has a story of there own to tell , don’t judge a book by its cover cause I know I would not want to mess the way my life if heading at this time, I’m happy again and I have my daughter and son to always love me no matter what there love is the most important  part of who I really am, I could not ever imagine  my life with out them that’s for sure, I have seen a lot of things threw out the years growing up and raising kids and having kids and struggled with a crystal meth addition  for 2 and a half years. I got myself of the roller coaster  ride I was on, You know I learnt though while I was In my addiction, no matter what or where I was my family was always there for me , only wanting what best for me and to be happy, you know with out mistakes in life and the challenges that come our way I know as long gone as I have MY BABYS  by my side I have everything I need to be happy, I honestly need to Lea email this journal at this right now but will post again when have some time I will post my pomes and what not in do time. But good night journal.

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  1. You have a family who will always back you up, and two beautiful babies who love you. You overcame an addiction. I think you are a Superwoman. You are right, love is all that matters.

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