I hear them but cannot see them

Sometimes I’ll close my eyes and envision them

Glistening glorious tears from heaven

I lay here and await the day I can run, jump and dance in them

Not caring if I am soaking wet or if the entire world is staring

The day that I will be free

Free from all of this that limits me and keeps me bound

Free to go outside and be soaking wet from jumping in puddles

The rain keeps falling, in rhythmic patterns like it’s dancing

Everything gets so quiet when it rains except the rain itself

I breathe in the fresh air, and for a second I remember what it’s like

To be able to appreciate the feeling of cool air on my skin

I remember what it’s like to be human again, what it’s like to feel again

How will I even get better, I don’t know

I just keep holding on knowing one day it will end one way or another

Hoping that one day I will dance in the transparent raindrops 


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