To smell me


life is a returnable gift. As far as I know a gift I did not ask for. Life it is like unwrapping from the goodwill it could be super cool and exactly what you wanted of it could be shit. Sometimes its good but you don’t notice because of all the other gifts (lives) you get caught up in and yours gets pushed to the side and sometimes you so see how great it is and are so glad its all yours that you want to do one of two things keep it all to your self or share it with someone maybe even the world, then there are the bad gifts. some bad gifts you can rearrange into something great or if you cant rearrange totally into something great you may find someone or a few maybe a lot who will share pieces of there gift with you till you have enough to add it to your reinventing it with your new pieces to make great. then there are the gifts that are so shitty that you can not rearrange them into anything better at all and its so bad that others wont come close enough to your gift to share there. the other shitty gifts my hang around your shitty gift but that usually just makes a bigger pile of shit. so what kind of gift have I got… honestly I am not really sure nor am I sure when it will be returned but like all gifts good and bad they all sooner or latter got returned rather you return by choice lose it or just parish leaving it behind to be forgotten it may take a long time but nothing last forever. Some day we will not recall the name Ann Frank or even Jesus Christ. You can argue the point all you want but it is only your fear of loss that will be speaking and you own silly little prides which also in the end mean nothing.




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