Cuteness Overload

Have you ever seen something so cute that you just couldn’t handle it and started flapping your hands and making girly squealing noises while crinkling up your nose and smiling like a total idiot?

Well I have.

Too many times.

I mean, this might just be because of my slight ~emotional instability~ but I positively FREAK OUT when I see cute things. You know, things like unreasonably small animals and little babies (because why are they sooooo smol and precious I love them squeeeeee!!!!) and happy couples (this one sounds weird but, I love seeing two people in love, holding hands, and enjoying being together, because it’s so nice) and happy families (you know, the kind where the parents are out with their kids and they’re looking so relaxed–that’s really cute) and my favorite fictional characters like the Doctor, and the whole cast of Harry Potter, and my favorite famous people (including the Harry Potter cast, Matt Smith, Hayley Williams, Dan Howell and Phil Lester).

When I see really sweet animals and children, I just want to rush forward, or plunge my hands through the computer screen to squeeze their cheeks! Picture of a golden retriever with braces? I WANNA HUG HIM!! Article about two animal best friends? I WANNA PET THEM BOTH!!! A toddler and her animal BFF? I NEED TO HUG THEM BOTH RIGHT NOW!!!!!

I physically cannot handle being around too much cuteness. It makes me clench my teeth together and shut my eyes and make this fangirly squeaking sound.

When I see gifs of Dan and Phil, I freak, too. Honestly, it sounds so creepy to say it, but they’ve helped me through a lot of the awful emotional teenage stuff I’ve been through, and I love them a lot…Anyway, they both have the brightest, loveliest smiles, and they make me smile, too. So they’re another “cute thing” I have fangirl attacks over.

The Harry Potter cast is similar to Dan and Phil. Harry Potter played a gigantic part in my childhood memories (my older sister was a Potterhead before me) and, even though I can’t bring myself to watch any of the movies but the first one, or read any of the books but the first through third ones (I am unashamed to say it’s because I cry during¬†the other movies and books), I still love it all and it makes me happy to see pictures of Emma and Dan (Radcliffe, obvs) and Tom, and all the rest of them.

Then there’s the Doctor. Or Doctors, I should say. I’m more attached to Matt Smith than any of the rest, because he’s the very first Doctor I watched. (I love Doctor Who, but it’s getting too sad for me…I hate how the Doctor’s friends and companions all end up dying and leaving him so lonely.)

But these things just make me have a literal heart attack from something I deem “cuteness overload.” It’s that sugary high you (or well, I) get when things are too adorable to handle and your brain kind of short-circuits.

ANYway, I just wanted to fangirl a little about too-cute things for a moment. Have a lovely day, everyone, and enjoy the sunshine (if the sun is out where you are) or just stay at home and have a cup of cocoa if it’s cold!

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