Down in the river

   As our fight went down to the river still we never prayed. Now its come down to this fist to face I wont let you win. He wont let me win. Baby you have broke my heart and ate me whole. now where do we go from here when we both don’t go. down in the river where we never pray. I love with all my might. That will never charge. You try and say I am the one that’s real however now I know this is only a gas light. I love you so much I will hurt you and hurt my self. If we both cant win I will not give the submission only runs to the point of dream and now I have seen where the is no light. that is not a dream but stupid little thing bigger than the both of us. Now I cant think to speak how long you waited for this day. I bet you think that thing will go your way. You are always wrong. You tried to run away I held you down with my own arms this your force broke me again and the I ran away where you found tied to the tub pulling me away.  It was only a joke when you cried out in pain. selfish deeds and using me will only bread more shit. How can you not see how your always wrong. I wont let you go even when you run Ill be a punching bag before you can leave the scene. Don’t you lie and say you wont love me. Don’t you be a fool again to say your leaving me only to return again. Don’t you think I have learned by now these are only words and you are to go I’m right behind you as you pretend your running for me you only just fast enough for me to trip on your shoe. no you will never go. if I drown you drown too. so what if I am dark so what if I am crazy. ill eat you whole you will live inside of me. I got my fork and iv got my knife ready to jump inside my self after you. you chase me away to grasp my hair and drag me back. I push you out until you agree to go and then board up your walls you are never leaving me again.

2 thoughts on “Down in the river”

  1. *snap* *snap* *snap*
    I feel like sometimes we write the worst possible versions of reality just to get them out of our minds and onto a page. Judged or validated by others, or thrust into obscurity — doesn’t matter. That’s just how it comes out sometimes.

  2. Thank you very much. In the book where the wild things are most of us read as children the wild things loved that little boy so much in the end of the book when he was going to leave back home the said they would eat him whole because they would rather threaten cannibalism then loose him, When you love some one so much you want to hurt them and your self both. such a beautiful concept in the worst way so what better way to write of it then in the worst form of reality

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