Hello my name is Jordyn. This is my first ever journal thingy.I am from Gastonia,Nc I attend North Gaston highschool and my life isn’t like any normal teenage life.I suffer from really bad depression and have had many suicide attempt all because i have felt and continue to feel like i have no purpose of being here and that is always a hard feeling.No one Knows except my therapist and my family and a couple of teachers i truly trust.Life is really hard for me because of the constant insecurity,crying,worthlessness,feeling like you aren’t important to anyone.I am okay right now i can breathe for a minute but i hope that maybe one day this horrible feeling i have goes away.Maybe one day i can be really freaking happy but until that time comes for me i will continue to cover up my side and legs and arms so no one will see my pain or continue to wear make up so that no one can see that i am tired of being tired.or continue to bottle everything up because what Jordyn Hayes has to say will never be important.Being depressed is like a war you either win or die trying and i know that is a horrible thing to say but it is the truth and i hate myself even more because my suicidal attempts didn’t kill me and now i feel like i am trapped and that was my only escape.Depression shows you the side of yourself you thought never existed but i am trying trust me i am trying to be happy.

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  1. I am so sorry Jordyn. I have struggled with all those things you mentioned throughout my adolensence as well. Now I am in college, and in a very emotionally and at times physically abuse relationship because I was so vulnerable and weak and depressed and I longed for attention and I longed for someone to stay by my side. I hate being alone. This is hard going what you are going through. It almost feels like a failure to fail at a suicide attempt. Trust me I know. I’m so glad you are getting everything out. I hope this comment reaches you in good spirit and makes you feel a little less alone in the world. I will follow you to read more of your entries to make sure you are doing well. Your voice counts and your words do mean something.

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