March 1, 2016…gray…drivel…UGH

This works so strangely…first I write then I put I title?  Anyhow, I am so, so, so sleepy.  VEry gray and dreary out but one of those gray days when my mind wanders way back in time…to other gray days and I don’t mind it much at all.

It feels as if every sensory sensation is memory linked but I can’t quite remember yet it makes me feel calm relaxes and sleepy.  Silliness I know .Cheryl nuked some kind of Italian TV dinner and it smells so pleasant.  

Partially I enjoy the gray  because I feel so gray. Still so sad, so very, very sad since mama passed.  And honestly I want to write about htat, and about everything and I want to write with passion and meaning and all I produce is drivel!  UGH.

So on that note I close this for now and give in to the snores!

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