So yet another day goes by and more memories are made. I’m so beyond tired from track that it’s not funny at all. Like I have so much work to get done and me being tired from track is not helping at all. I’m seriously contemplating stopping track just so I will be able to finish my schoolwork and get enough sleep for the next days. I want to keep going but I seriously don’t know.

So school was good. The power went out in my second period while the juniors were taking their ACT’s. I don’t know if they have to re-do it or what but I pray they don’t because if that happened to me I would cry. The rest of the day was good. I went to practice and then came home and trying to help someone and write this. They are currently being kind of stubborn but it’s okay with me. We only have a half day of school tomorrow because of something with the teachers. I honestly have no clue what they are doing but as long as I get off of school then I’m fine.

Dang, that hit me hard. Do you ever just see something and it hits you so hard?  Yea, that just happened.

Can I talk about self-worth right quick? I want all of my readers to understand that you are so very important .I know I have a good bit of people who read these so I want yall to understand this. You were created for a reason. You make up a massive part of someone’s life without even realizing it. Someone really likes you and they would take a bullet for you and you might not even know them. Don’t ever put yourself down because you think you are worthless. And don’t ever listen to the negative things people have to say about you because they are probably jealous.


So my mom got Chinese food tonight. That made me so happy because I have been craving it all day. My dad has bible study so it’s just the four of us currently. I don’t know why I added that in here but I’m writing about my life and this is my life. I have been reading the harry potter series again. I have read the books so many time tbh. I started again because this girl wanted to read with me but we stopped talking and I couldn’t continue because I would just end up thinking about her. But I have recently started back again because I have gotten like 80% over her so it’s not as difficult. That sounds really silly to say that I stopped because of a girl but if you were in my shoes and had my thoughts you would understand. I’m so happy I’m not rushed with time to write today. Yesterday I had no time at all because I came home and slept for a little bit. I said above that I can’t do that today just because of schoolwork.

So not much else for today. I will keep yall updated as I continue my journey through life.

3 thoughts on “Self-worth”

  1. I enjoyed your blog and appreciate the encouraging paragraph on self-worth. I used to have none, but God healed me. I hope a lot of people will read your message.

  2. Thanks for that small self-worth paragraph. It hit me hard haha

  3. I’m glad you can find some comfort I’m writing and being read.

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