Weekend + Today / Trials and Tribulations

I’m starting to drift into the fog again. My brain gets cloudy and thoughts whirl by like a gust of wind. Sometimes I can’t fight the electric currents of energy that course through my veins. It’s the ADHD again and I am forever fighting it.

Maybe it’s just that I had a long week end, consumed at work. Yes, let’s pretend that’s the only reason why the world gets fuzzy and loses its focus.

I had meant for this journal entry to be about Sloth… but ironically I rather not concentrate all of my energy into a singular topic. Days like today I’m embracing the free flow.

Saturday night at work went well. I dug the crew we had on. After work I had to mad dash 4 towns over and pick up The Man from his own place of employment. We got home and it was well past 1 am so sleep came easily enough.

Sunday morning bright and early I had to be back at work. The day started with an interesting turn of events. Big boss took time and care to explain various procedures in depth with me… things that are truthfuly beyond my realm of responsibilities. I picked up on the vibe, paid careful attention, but said nothing. Yes, I’m psychic, but that doesn’t always mean I should trust my intuition. Sure nuff’ 5 minutes (or less later) big boss asked me how I’d feel about being a manager. I said yes. So, we will see where this goes.

Once upon a time I was offered a promotion that was eventually denied to me by a combination of factors 1. I think I accidentally leeched energy from my then big boss. 2. I was assaulted by my direct supervisor. I was po’ed. I pitched a fit. 3. Good bye promotion. Gee, how am I suppose to act when some one shows me around like a rag doll!?!? It’s in the past now. I’m over it, I swear. However promotions now are a huge source of anxiety for me. It’s the carrot dangling in front of the donkey. Consider me the donkey.

So. We will see. I guess I need to stay in good communication with big boss about this and roll up my sleeves, act like a responsible adult.

My diet lately has been so so. It’s an improvement so call it a baby step. On the other hand, I have been exercising a lot. The soreness doesn’t affect me as much. I plan on sticking with it.

Today was gorgeous outside!!! Oh my goodness do I love South Carolina. It felt and smelled like spring. I just wanted to be under that blazing sun all day. The air was so warm and sweet.

The Man and I had our breakfast date this morning. I got my standard egg whites, bacon, wheat toast, and crispy hash browns. Yum. We accidentally overheard our waitress telling her boss that her last table couldn’t pay their whole bill and were 80 cents short + tip. As a former waitress I took this opportunity to make good on all the fabulous tips I’ve been fortunate enough to receive. I hope that made our lovely server’s Monday morning a little better.

So… I think that wraps up my past few days. My tummy is hurting me a little at the moment so I should probably head to bed. Good night world!

3 thoughts on “Weekend + Today / Trials and Tribulations”

  1. South Carolina! I resided there for six years. It’s where my youngest was born.
    We lived in North Charleston, and Summerville before my life totally fell out from beneath my feet.. but that’s another story.
    It is beautiful, but only ended up being a bad memory for me.

  2. Such a change in pace. Your journal is a wonderful read.

  3. I’m closer to Greenville County. I have lived my whole life in Northern New England but grew to despise it, I am slowly learning to fall in love with the South. Where I’m originally from is a pit. The drug epidemic is at a critical level. The cold only got colder and some company in Texas bought out a major electric company and the rates were raised to an insane degree. I was desperately in need of a fresh start and have found that settled in here in sunny South Carolina.

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