Long, winding, grueling, scary and tiring

There is no end in sight 

The stairs I must keep climbing

I only hope I win this fight

I don’t know whats at the top

But I’m right near the bottom

I try to keep some semblance of hope

But the old me has been forgotten

What will become of the end of those stairs

Will it be me reaching the finish line

Or will it end in everyone’s nightmares 

And I’ve wasted all their time

I don’t know how I’ll make it through if it keeps getting worse and worse

The isolation and lack of comforting love is killing me

This emptiness is like a fucking curse

I’m all on my own with no one around me

Nobody to hold me until the pain subsides

This disease and the drugs have just bound me

And it’s killing me on the inside

I question what awaits for me at the top

It scares me to even think about it

But it’s too late now I have to keep going no way to stop

There’s no way through or around it

I hope one day these stairs I will no longer have to climb

That I will push through and win

And that victory will be all mine




3 thoughts on “Winding”

  1. Beautiful and just what I needed to hear this morning. Now I think I will climb too.

  2. I am sorry you have no one to hold you when your heart aches. I send my prayers to God, for you.

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