I am SO FUCKING sick and tired of hearing people BITCH about race… I am so sick of seeing bullying on tv and hearing stories of babies/young kids being picked on and even killed because they are with people who should never be allowed to bare children. Get rid of your race card… just quit victimizing yourself and take responsibility for your own actions. Poor? go get a job like everyone else. Can’t find one? Keep looking! Don’t want kids? be proactive and use protection… and if that doesn’t work, just give the kid up for adoption. Don’t throw it in a dumpster or off a building, I mean, seriously? How fucking empty and heartless do you have to be to do something like that and be able to sleep at night?

Ugh! It just makes me sick thinking about it. This is why I hate people. Doesn’t matter your skin color, it’s all in what your actions are.

Quit your bitching. Quit hurting people. Make a change for YOURSELF. Nobody can do it for you.

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  1. Ah…it does get depressing doesn’t it? I agree with your sentiment yes be responsible, accept personal responsibility for your actions. Unfortunately there is a whole segment of society that have never been brought up with the same code of ethics as we have. The lack morality and work ethic because mama and dad did too and so on. The answer? Kiddo I wish I know. One thing I do know…please don’t hate people! It is tough but there’s lots of good ones out there…I love a good rant…don’t get me wrong…but now put a smile on your face and go eat some ice cream!

  2. I only hate people when they pull that kind of crap. I don’t hate everyone. I am a very friendly and fun person, but when I see on TV about the things people do to each other it just gets under my skin. It’s more annoying than anything. I’m glad my parents whopped my ass when I was being bad. It made me who I am. Disciplined, driven, caring, honest, etc. Some people are just extremely lazy and expect hand-outs from everyone else to make it through life. But yes, I do know there are still good people out there. 🙂 I would love some ice cream, however, I am adulting at work and on a diet, so I can’t. haha

  3. Look, I’m all about that self-motivation shit. I think everyone should be held responsible for their actions and a lot of people make things a racial issue that have nothing to do with it. But you have to have some respect for the trials and tribulations of other people. I can only assume that you’ve never been poor or hungry. Of course, I get where you’re coming from. Some people are spoiled and whiny and use serious issues as excuses for their inadequacies. But are serious social issues that have a lot more to them than you must realize. Bad shit happens in the world. I mean serious, atrocious injustices. And you have to respect that.

  4. Ive never been poor or hungry, per say, but Ive had some pretty terrible things happen. I know its a part of life and that everyone goes thru stuff but I got back up on my feet and made myself get where I am without feeling like I have to make people feel sorry for me. Im not the kind of person that gives up or lets myself get defeated because life felt like kicking me in the face and I sure as hell am not blaming other people for my misfortunes. Sure, some people have it a lot tougher than I do but its also all in how you react. If you don’t do anything about it but piss and moan, thats who I dont have respect for. If you’re going through a lot and are actively doing something about it, then hats off to you. You know? Thats all Im saying.

  5. I’m just saying that yes, there are some people for whom it’s nature to whine and make excuses. Race is just one of the issues those types draw upon. But by and large, racial discrimination is a serious issue in our society and to belittle it is just ignorant. There are troubles that neither you or I have suffered. It’s all a matter of perspective. Generalization is inherently faulty, you know? People can’t be summed up like that and you’re just typifying the whole world based on your limited experience.

  6. You think im belittling race issues? Haha clearly you misunderstood me. When someone used their race card, whatever race they are, as an excuse for things that happen, is bullshit. Im not saying ALL people are racsit. Its the ones that make it obvious. Like a “woe is me” person. thats all Im saying. To each their own though.

  7. Here’s the thing – EVERYONE has baggage. We all have pain and challenges. No soul is exempt from a struggle.

    So what gives some one else the right to terrorize another? People treat others like their personal punching bags as a warped form of self therapy, Rich, poor, white, black, illegal immigrant, whatever walk of life you came from is no excuse for treating some one else like garbage. The “woe is me” crap is a lame excuse for being a miserable person. We need to take back PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY and ACCOUNTABILITY. Excuses are like butt holes, they just spew crap.

    I’m with Italiandaydreamer on this.

  8. The terrorism is really more the opposite, you guys. We seem to forget the reality of racial discrimination. It’s not just some excuse a kid gives for why the teacher doesn’t like him.
    Look, I live in the south. And in an urban city, with a diverse population. When I’m surrounded by those people talking about race, I think about individual accountability as well. That’s a point to be made. But drive 30 miles in any direction and you seen confederate flags and Trump posters plastered onto the back of everybody’s motorcycle jacket or pickup truck, or even waving above their home. I forget that racism is a real issue until I listen to the Sandra Bland police car tape or I read the statistics on the harshness of sentences compared to the same crimes for white people. It’s real, you guys, and though we see more people complaining in our daily lives than suffering from real racial discrimination, damn man, it’s there.

  9. I am in no way saying it is an excuse. It’s NOT an excuse and people use it way more than they should. And whether or not someone uses it because “someone doesn’t like them”, it is used in that way more than you realize. I am also in no way saying it ISN’T real. I see everyday that it is. It’s infuriating when people use it as an excuse. I had someone call me racist because of how I LOOKED in their direction… I wasn’t looking AT them, just IN their direction… It’s just fucking annoying and irritating. I am not racist though. I dislike you, only if you give me a reason to…

    That’s all I have been trying to say from the beginning. I don’t think you understand. I know and understand that racism is an issue. A very serious issue. Some people use it to their advantage though.

    I live in Georgia. I understand. Trust me.

  10. Enjoyed your dialogue everyone. That’s the thing it is so very complicated. For what it’s worth I understand one’s disappointment in the bad stuff…I’m a police transcriptionist for a major city…so I type statements about major crimes all day every day. And it is damn depressing. So damn depressing I wish you guys were all here and I’d buy each of us ice cream even if you are adulting and on a diet! 😉

  11. I’ve lived in New England my whole life and now I live in South Carolina, confederate flag / Trump country. Yes racial discrimination exists. I don’t deny that. I’m half Irish… and half Mexican. I’ve dated guys who made racial slurs against Hispanics to my face (not realizing that they just ended the relationship). I have people crack jokes about Trump being elected that my family will be deported (ah, we’re all LEGAL citizens… so ah, thanks).

    But no where in my poor latch key / mixed race upbringing does that give me an excuse to be hateful to others. As I’ve said on the humanity scale, no matter friggin what, we are equal. 1:1

  12. It doesn’t give you the right to be unfair to anyone, of course. But other people should still respect the shit you have the go through due to a system of racial prejudice.

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