For good.

We had this assignment in my English class from this substitute teacher. I felt like I was in third grade again. We had to write facts about ourselves and be creative about it. The lady loved mine. I wrote about how much I loved learning languages and she said “Oh, you are gonna have a great job in the future.” It was cool. Someone thinks the things I like are important and are not silly. I told her about how much I love my freckles; how she will always see me with a book. I have a weird obsession with churros. They are very crunchy and delicious and adding the white chocolate sauce ah… Anyways, I told her how I like being underwater, and the silence, how I passionately hate sports. And…that I love writing. I am always writing. Always. Writing and writing and writing and writing about anything and everything. She said I had a 100% without a doubt 🙂 

Today there’s a testing schedule so I’ll be in this class for another 2 hours. Enough time to write here. Give me a second, let me get some lifesavers from my backpack that had to be all the way across the room.Okay, I forgot I had an Airheads with me. So, since I’m going to Puerto Rico in a few days(next Thursday) I am meeting with my fourth grade English teacher. He taught me, well, English, and writing. For class, we had to have this notebook and write every weekend about our weekend. I would write a whole page about what I did Friday only haha. I’d always get a score higher than 100% which was awesome. An interesting fact about him was that everyone hated him like some Americans hate Trump. He had that attitude. He was an ass and made me cry and made other girls cry and pull a guy’s ears and he screamed and screamed and made me mad. Until one day, my mom had a talk with him and she saw something that I didn’t see until the end of the year. He had feelings. He was angry at life but he enjoyed it. He loved this stupid song and made stupid jokes and when he got mad he’d scream “HOLY COW!” When I saw those things, my respect for him grew and I understood. People are different. But we are all the same. He then became a very important person in my life and I honestly can’t wait to see him and tell him about the bad and great things in my life. In a paper. How it all started. Very deep and cheesy, I know. 

My brother, oh God, he is hilarious. This morning, he woke up late and when he got in the car he burst out crying, because he woke up late. He was crying because he woke up late, people. He had to stay so he could eat and stuff. 

I am currently reading a classic, a really, really, good classic. Beautifully written. The similes and metaphors are so..well..I never thought of them before. The book is called Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. You have to read it. Keyword: have to. Anyways, I’ll have to go. I need to read. It has become a necessity, yes. 




Kings and Queens by Thirty Seconds to Mars

Kiss this by The Struts

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  1. I’m glad you’re having a good time. Perspective really does change over time. I know what you mean with this teacher thing. When you get old enough to realize that adults are people too.

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