ADHD plus insomnia is kicking my butt today. I have been up since around 1a.m.

The weapons used on me are leaving new marks. One on my face showed up yesterday and today there’s one on my right forearm that hurts. They’re like small, raised lumps. The one on my face doesn’t hurt at least.

I need to get out of that fucking house permanently!

Besides being raped and tortured in my house, I have been cut and drugged several times. No one seems to understand why I want to get out of there and move. Some do, but they can’t or won’t help me. I am barely surviving and these weapons fuck me up more and more each day. Hopefully, the damage isn’t irreparable.

Pray for me or send good vibes or something.

Look out for each other, even strangers and help! Love one another. <3

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