Is There Any Good Reason Behind Cheating?

I am the type of person who likes to think ‘deeper’ about something. Maybe to me is about learning. Life is super interesting because of humans! You do something, there is must be a reason behind it. And now I am just in good mood to talk about cheating. 😉

How many people have done this to their partners? I guess, 9 of 10. Then I got myself start asking “why”. Hahaha I won’t claim myself as not a sinner, I ever involved in this thingy. But I was not the doer, I mean was not a cheater.
Well during my teens, I did not want to be in relationships. I had crushes with boys yet did not want to tied down. Ever tried and only 3 months I got bored. Until I decided to live as a ‘happy single mingle’ person.

My ego was big, and I was a very free person, I did whatever as long it made me happy. I could hang out with some boys without anyone got jealous. Yeahhh until one day I had a crush with a boy and he was in relationship with other girl.

The best thing to do must be ‘stay away from this boy, do not break their relation’ or ‘beware of karma’. But I did not care. I ended up became the third party of their story. Thankfully it only last for couple months.
That thingy made me open my mind. What if I were in relationship and my partner is cheating? Ouch that would be very very painful. I don’t want that!

And I learned one thing also. No matter what, I won’t really get this boy! Everything must be covered. Like you live in a lie. So I have my own opinion that cheating is just a game. And there is NO GOOD REASON behind it. You can say for fun. But playing (read as hurting) others’ feeling? It does not sound as fun as cuddling with your own partner. :p

Screw chemistry, compatibility, and whatsoever. If you found someone is better than your partner, just decide, you want to get closer to this person? Or you want to stick to your partner. If you choose the first option, then you have to split up. Most people don’t want to take the risk. So this cheating stuff happens. You want to get new thing but won’t let go the other.

You might want to answer, I did it for revenge. Hmm even if you get cheated by your partner, does not mean you can break someone else’s feeling though. Better just break up after found it out. And move on! 🙂

There is only one reason behind cheating : EGO.

You have bigger ego than your love, it happens. Now, maybe we should ask ourselves, what if we got cheated? Can we accept it?
Most of us are expecting someone to love us unconditionally, aren’t we?
Then we should try to do so.


I am a fan of this author, named Mark Manson. Try to read his article. He wrote a very interesting stuff. Spend 15 minutes to read this :

One thought on “Is There Any Good Reason Behind Cheating?”

  1. As a person in an open relationship, I can understand the desire to be involved with multiple people. I don’t feel jealous over my partner when when she has sex with another person. What I consider cheating would be to love someone else the way I love her. So long as no one takes the place in her heart that I hold (and vice versa), we’re fine. Cheating in the traditional sense means sexual relations. Why deny yourself something fun and exciting if it doesn’t threaten your bond? It helps me feel like I’m not held back by being in a relationship. Like I can still enjoys life and I don’t have to wait until it’s over to experience new things.
    Of course the key part is to TALK about it with your partner before you do it. The dishonesty is something that genuinely threatens your bond.

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