Lawyer lee

Don’t you just hate it when someone tells you that they will never leave your life but a few months later you can’t get a simple text back from them? Those kinds of thing make me so mad. Like if you don’t want to talk to me then you should tell me so I don’t put an effort into a friendship.

Well anyways, here I am again, opening up a new word document to write the same old things as I usually do. Sometimes I have something interesting to say or I might have a story to tell. It kind of just depends on my mood. If I’m happy then I will have funny stories and if I’m sad then I will talk about a certain topic. Right now I’m kind of irritated but it’s chill. Not going to let something so little affect my daily mood when I should be happy.

We had a half day today and it seriously did not feel like a half day at all. It went by really slow and I don’t understand it. It’s funny how during the school day everything goes by so slow but at home it’s like you had no time to do anything because time flew by.

This journal is so random. I have nothing to talk about because I haven’t done anything today. I have church tonight and survivor comes on so that basically the rest of my day. Oh, and I forgot to say that have to study. Yea, I have a math test tomorrow and I really need to do well. I’m doing fine in math but the tests are fairly hard. I mean, you could kind of expect that from an honors class but it’s whatever. So we have been learning the same thing over and over again but each day it gets harder and more things are added to the problems. So I found out that all the things that we have been doing in class will hardly be on the test, like I seriously don’t understand it. Why would we work so hard so hard on a topic but it will barely be on the test? The subject is trigonometry. It’s not that it’s hard but it just takes a lot of time to do the problems that are given to us and I have spent a lot of time on the work given to me. So it’s kind of easy to see why I would be confused by that.

Well that turned into an accidental rant. I don’t know how I do that but I do. My teacher calls me either the lawyer or lawyer lee because I can go on about a subject and be very logical at the same time. I am really good at debating so you can see where the ranting comes from.

It’s such a beautiful day outside. There are hardly any clouds in the sky so that means the sun can shine as bright as the stars at night.

Well, that’s about it for today. I will keep yall updated as I continue my journey through life.

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