Life goes on

My life begun from infant, adulthood and then to parenthood. In between, countless obstacles came across throughout the walks of life.   It may not  I who come across such intolerable experiences in life. I am sure there are many people in and around the world who does faces with such a similar problem in life.

I am sure even a richest person in the world will have some or little issue with self and others. I belief that this is our human life and it goes on until it comes to an end.

So, its always good be aware of one self to be good to others while we are living in this world. Even if we can’t do good to others at least one should not harm others. By learning such a good human values, leading our life becomes quite simpler, more ethical, logical and less greediness of achieving one’s own desire. This brings immense pleasure to oneself and ultimately this will help in achieving Gross National Happiness at large. 

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