love idol

when we meet we both loved God crazy about him ,we prayed together ,shared the word of GOD and we could have long conversation about him.We communicated every day and in almost topic there was God introduced as the solution ,my love for you became even more pregnant because of your passion for  GOD.Seasons changed ,we forgot about God ,we forgot to pray , share the word not even to go for evangelism we were concerned about our selves ,we went on pick-nicks on Sunday during worshipped.I left my king (christ jesus)  for my prince(boyfriend),i made you first and God last .i would speak to you the first time i opened my big brown eyes ,and pray in the shower(if i remembered to ),pleasing you was anything ,i wanted to please you with my body ,money and time ,you where my god 

when i realised that  i left my king for my prince ,and i had made you my idol ,i decided to kill ever god ,but to go back to my God ,,,,it was painful and it is still is ,i sometimes look back and want to go back to my god but my God is greater than my god 

my god was my love idol…..


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