Made up words

Don’t you just love made up words? I mean if Facebook isn’t already full of the agonies of too, two, to or my personal favorite bear and bare…”I will bare your burden” really seriously gonna do it naked?  Ah but I digress…made up words.  In my world of true crime we hear lots of them.  Well most of them I can’t repeat in polite company and a few I’ve been known to use myself.  Yes at this point I can easily spell just about any profanity.  But my personal favorite is the made up word.

Today for the first time I typed “unsurreal”.  Now what the heck does that mean?  That it wasn’t surreal?  So then why would it be noteworthy?  People…learn the language.  Can we conversate about this?  

2 thoughts on “Made up words”

  1. I am amazed that the paperwork my chiropractor hands out says things like “when you lay down” and “when you fill ready.” Doesn’t anybody glance over these pages to check for errors? Now, having said that, I will probably be the one to screw up seriously in my spelling or language! (smile)

  2. Yes I know. And I often find crazy typos when I’m using a virtual keyboard…all those auto-corrects and I get in such a hurry! Well I’m a police transcriptionist so believe me I hear EVERYTHING! 😉

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