March 2, 2016 Sunshine

Ah sunshine through my window…


“Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy”…wow miss old John Denver.  But maybe I just miss being young!  Oh my goodness me…and so care free.  Funny though we can never have it all, ever.  That is the nature of life in this world. I’ve often thought how lovely to be young again and dad and mom and the relatives who have gone on would be with us.  But then…what about the ones born after?  My granddaughter not born yet?  That lovely, woman-child who is the light of my life?  Life is a strange and wonderful journey.

Well boss lady caught me reading journals gotta make my fingers extra fast now and return to the world of true crime.  (sigh).

3 thoughts on “March 2, 2016 Sunshine”

  1. I am pleased to see another grandmother on here. Another experienced writer, also.
    Your granddaughter will totally be the joy of your life. I’m happy for you!

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