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  1. Well sweetie…you’re a bit cryptic…but I am assuming your loved one (hubby, son, whoever) is hurting over something. And yes when they are in pain oh my so are we. We can’t help it…cuts to the core. Sometimes seeing someone we love in pain is much worse than our own pain. But really…I guess that’s what it means to bear each other’s burdens?

  2. I understand this. It means you have a big heart. that you want to see the good shine in all even in the way that they feel. I have had my heart broken countless times not only by romantic relationships but by seeing my mother sad or my brother give up sometimes my heart will even break for the world for the sad man on the street I will never know or the starving children not only in this country but others far away as well. My heart was broken at 9-11 with out me knowing personally anyone in the attack. A broken heart is a broken heart and they happen for many different reasons and the more you love and care the easier they brake.

  3. Thank you both for your comments. I had written what happened yesterday but evidently you can only blog once per day? My autistic grandson had a severe meltdown because he left his favorite jacket on the school but. He ran toward the road, as if to catch the bus. It scared me so badly. Then he came in all upset and throwing things, etc. Then he went to sleep. I am still aching for him today, because I don’t know if he got the jacket back or not. “Bloody tea” you have a very tender heart, too. Hoosier53, I think we do have to bear one another’s burdens, yes, and thank you for posting that reminder. blessings to both.

  4. I know exactly what you mean. Actually, a family member will break your heart worse than anyone else ever could. I still bear the guilt of things that have happened to my children years and years ago. I’ve yet to be able to forgive myself for some of them. When they get hurtful over something, I just bear it because I think I deserve it.
    I’m not sure to whom you’re talking about, but I can definitely relate to family pain in most forms.

  5. Dear Colors, I know what you mean. I let my daughter marry at 17 years old. He seemed so right. It ended after 9 unhappy years. I still beat myself up about it and I feel she resents it (maybe she doesn’t, but I feel that). Please forgive yourself! It’s time.
    Let that burden just roll off your shoulders and pray for your children’s happiness. You did the best you could as a young mother—don’t we all. And it’s the best mama’s who feel like they blew it. The others don’t worry. But it’s time for you to set your mother-heart free. You will be able to love even more once you accept forgiveness.
    Don’t ask your children to forgive, necessarily. Ask Jesus. His forgiveness is a sure thing and He will help you heal. Bless your heart. – Grace

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